Aug 08


TREKKING THE DIGITAL LIFE AHEAD. Click Here To Access Digitrek August Issue Amity Coding Club introduces Digitrek- Our Exciting Periodical to make our users aware about latest topics revolving around techology world.

Nov 16

Operating System-System calls and Mod-II-Theory of Process (Call Conference)

Call recording- Click here to download Complementary PPTs System Calls Process Theory  

Nov 16

Analog electronics-Mod-V and Mod-VI (Call Conference)

Call recording- Click here to download   Electrical snapshots by Ashutosh Choubey (Click to Enlarge/download) PDF of Power Amplifier  

Oct 30

SCOOPA: An e-learning portal

It is a research based project focused around average minded students with a vision to provide an easy access for the users to the educational contents, technical informations and general knowledge.The mission of this project is to develop such a user friendly interface for the people in the form of…Read More

Oct 25

Amazon Web Services

AWS Online Tech Talks November 2018 These live webinars will cover a broad range of topics at varying levels for all skill sets. Tune in for live demos, customer examples, and Q&A sessions presented by AWS experts Check out the upcoming schedule below. Contents will be refreshed with the updates.…Read More

Oct 07
Oct 07
Oct 07
Jul 22


DATA STRUCTURE USING C [DATA STRUCTURE] Hemant Kumar Soni Session Plan Sr.No. Topic Content Document 1 Data structures Data structures: Definition, Types. Algorithm design, Complexity, Time-Space Trade offs. Download 2 Use of pointers in data structures.   3 Array Definition and Analysis, Representation of Linear Arrays in Memory, Traversing of…Read More

Jul 07


Course Code: BTC 302   |  Credit Units: 04 Course Objective:  This course builds from basic knowledge of Semiconductor Physics to an understanding of basic devices and their models. This course builds a foundation for courses on VLSI design and analog CMOS IC Design. Sr.No. Content Document 1 Overview of the…Read More